Good Enough Episode 45 - Batman v Superman

April 7, 2016

In this episode, we discuss the highly-anticipated, yet much-maligned Batman v Superman.


Good Enough Episode 44 - Ian Memorium

March 27, 2016

Welcome back to Good Enough. This week, we discuss the rumor that Nintendo plans to discontinue the Wii U, and what we want from Nintendo's next console. Then we get a visit from an old friend who seems to have turned a new leaf. 

Thanks for listening.


Good Enough Episode 43 - Because He’s Birds

March 17, 2016

Welcome back to Good Enough for another week. In this episode, we discuss Microsoft's recent cross-platform play announcement, Sony's VR hardware, and the newest trailer for Captain America: Civil War.


Good Enough Episode 42 - Detergent Jones

March 9, 2016

Welcome back to Good Enough. This week, the group discusses which games they're most looking forward to in 2016, weighs the merits of various laundry detergent scents, and (of course) gets sidetracked by the Fast and Furious franchise of films. 


Good Enough Episode 41 - Chaffee 2: Electric Zoogaloo

February 24, 2016

It's been some time, but Good Enough is back. In this episode we give our opinion about Deadpool, meet a new friend all the way from China, and surely don't get sidetracked by the Fast and the Furious series of films.

Thanks for listening! Keep an eye out for exciting changes coming soon to Good Enough!

Good Enough Episode 40 - C-C-C-Coldorf!

December 22, 2015

It's episode 40 of Good Enough! This week, we are celebrating the holidays with friends and a living, breathing snowman named Coldorf. Before we speak to him, though, we discuss the new trailers for "X-Men: Apocalypse," "Star Trek: Beyond", and "Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows."

Thanks for listening, and have a happy holiday season. We'll see everyone next year!

Good Enough Episode 39 - Chipotlekai

December 14, 2015

Welcome to another week of Good Enough. In this episode, we discuss the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake news, and talk about the new Batman vs. Superman trailer. Thanks a ton for listening.


Good Enough Episode 38 - Welcome to O’sombles

December 2, 2015

Welcome back to Good Enough! In this episode, Robbie, Matt, and Sam field some fan questions, talk about Batman: Arkham Knight and Fallout 4, react to the Captain America: Civil War trailer, and speak with a turkey who somehow managed to survive Thanksgiving.

Thanks a ton for listening! 

Good Enough Episode 37 - Anti-Math

October 19, 2015

Well listeners, it's been quite some time, but we are back with a new Halloween-themed episode! In the first segment, Sam, Robbie, and Matt discuss what they've been up to for the last two months. Later, we have a chat with Brian the zombie, and newcomer Lester (who is totally not a vampire at all).

Thanks for listening, everyone.

Good Enough Episode 36 - Scott Sportsman, the Knower of Sports…Man!

August 13, 2015

Welcome back (I assume you've been here before) to Good Enough. This week, Robbie and Sam lament the fact that they paid real life money to go see Pixels. In the second segment, a special guest arrives to give us some advice on the upcoming fantasy football season. 

Thanks for listening!